“Utah RICO” (Utah Pattern of Unlawful Activity Act)

It’s sometimes called “Utah RICO,” or “state RICO,” or “little RICO,” but the Utah Pattern of Unlawful Activity Act (UPUAA) is not entirely identical to its federal counterpart, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

There are several sites that cover federal RICO, but none that focus on the state act, the UPUAA.  This site reports new decisions, examines legal issues that may arise in an UPUAA claim or prosecution, and addresses areas in which the UPUAA differs from RICO.  These are just our opinions (and sometimes just speculation) – they are not legal advice, which depends on the facts of specific cases, and no attorney-client relationship is intended.

If you learn of any developments involving the UPUAA, feel free to e-mail us confidentially, kporter@chrisjen.com.

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